Absolute Dry is the Swedish original extra effective antiperspirant with long-lasting 7 days effect against sweating and bad smell.

Absolute Dry is an extra effective antiperspirant, powerful enough to prevent sweating at the site of application for up to 7 days. Absolute Dry is recommended to anyone who wants an extra effective antiperspirant with a unique sustainable effect. Absolute Dry is also recommended to people suffering from excessive sweating, so called hyperhidrosis. Absolute Dry is free from perfumes, preservatives and dyes.

Absolute Dry is safe and effective for up to 7 days and comes in 2 different formats.

Absolute Dry dab-on
Long lasting and extra effective antiperspirants with aluminum chloride. The Absolute Dry liquid is applied to the skin with a dab-o-matic applicator attached to the bottle.

Absolute Dry wipes
Antiperspirant wet wipe! For larger skin areas, like back or chest, as well as hands and feet, the dab-on might be somewhat inkonvenient to use. Instead you simly use a pre-soaked Absolute Dry wet wipe. The format is also very convenient for traveling etc.

What is the difference between Dab-on and Wipe

Absolute Dry is available in two formats, dab-on and wet wipes. Both products contain the same liquid, with long-lasting effect against all kinds of sweat. but the mode of application is different.

How to use Absolute Dry Dab-on

To optimize the effect and minimize the risk of skin irritation, it is crucial for the skin to be completly dry when applying Absolute Dry. Wash the skin and dry thoroughly with a towel. Let the skin air dry for a while. Use a hair dryer, with cool air, if needed.

Apply  Absolute Dry on the skin, e.g. in your armpits, an hour or so before going to bed, and let dry.

Wash the skin again inte the morning or take a shower. Absolute Dry will keep the skin dry and prevent sweating where applied for up to 7 days.

What is Hyperhidrosis?

Sweating is normal and a way for the body to regulate its temperature. However, some people suffer from more excessive sweating and sweat beyond the physiological need of the body. This type of excessive sweating is called hyperhidrosis.

How does Absolute Dry work?

Antiperspirants like Absolute Dry contain aluminum. Aluminum is the most abundant metal and the third most abundant chemical element, after oxygen and silicon, in the Earth’s crust. The aluminum in our bodies comes almost exclusively from food and water, but for instance storing and cooking food – especially with low pH value – in aluminum cookware as well as excessive consumption of certain antacids can increase the levels.

Since there are sometimes rumors that antiperspirants are hazardous to yor health, it might be beneficial to understand how they work. When antiperspirants are applied to the skin, the aluminum fors a sort of gel plug, called polymers, in the sweat duct, locally preventing the sweating. For a compound to penetrate the skin and enter the blood stream for systemic flow and effect, the molecule can have a weight of no more than 700 Dalton. The polymers formed by antiperspirants in contact with sweat is much bigger and heavier than that.

If the use of aluminum containing antiperspirants is still a concern, you can always choose to use aluminum free deodorants instead. They do not prevent the sweating however, only mask and reduce the smell.

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Absolute Dry


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