Pansalt is a healthy innovation in food quality formulated by Heikki Karppanen of the University of the Helsinki Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology, Finland

Pansalt is an ideal combination of minerals (sodium, potassium, magnesium, iodine for anyone who chooses to have a healthy diet.

Dr Karpanen lives in North Karelia (Finland). When he discovered fatal heart attacks that caused the death of many familiar people in his region, he participated in a study on salt and its harmful effects. Later he discovered that heart and blood vessel diseases and the cause of the resulting death is the high content of sodium and low content of minerals in the diet followed in this region. It inspired Dr Karpanen to invent Pansalt together with Dr Mildred Seeling of the American College of Nutrition, who is an expert on magnesium.

Pansalt is a product developed by scientists and doctors, which can be used instead of salt in the same amounts.

PanSalt contains valuable minerals that protect the blood vessel system and relieve swelling.

By using the mineral salt Pan Salt, the food becomes tastier without any harmful effects.

Ingredients: 57 % sodium chloride, 28 % potassium chloride, 12 % magnesium sulphate, 2 % lysine hydrochloride, 1 % silicon dioxide and 0.0036 % iodine. Pansalt contains iodine 25 mg/kg.


Use: As PanSalt mineral salt is lighter than traditional salt, during dosing 1/3 more can be added (dosing in grams). PanSalt contains as much iodine as standard salt: 2.5 mg / 100 g.

Manufacturer: Oriola Oy, Finland

PanSalt in the diet allows one to reduce:

  • obesity problem;
  • swelling associated with pregnancy and risk of pre-eclampsia; 
  • increase in blood pressure due to old age; 
  • need to use medicines for lowering high blood pressure;
  • incidence of heart and blood vessel illnesses.

When using PanSalt:

  • you receive the necessary potassium and magnesium, which traditional salt does not contain;
  • get the traditional taste of salt with a lower amount of sodium;
  • lysine hydrochloride (amino acid) provides a pleasant taste. Decreases the bitter taste of magnesium; 
  • due to lysine hydrochloride, the salt does not become hard;

recommended by the environment health centre, and association of dieticians and gynaecologists. Recommended by family doctors.

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